Bring Live Sensors to Virtual Training Worlds
Paper Published and Presented at IITSEC 2021!
Website Construction
Our engineers are working on developing cutting edge technologies here at Infinitas. We'll provide updates on current events to keep you informed on what's going on within our organization. In the coming months we'll have short articles from a variety of teams that highlight successes and how we deal with ongoing challenges, especially on our IRAD projects. Thank you for reading and showing an interest in …
IR&D Project
The Infinitas IR&D team has been providing demonstrations to interested parties/potential customers on the Rapid Simulation Model Development (RSMD) toolkit last two months. RSMD Toolkits provide innovative ways to reuse authoritative simulation model data which contain mathematical representation of combat systems and their interactions with the environment and other simulated entities.  We are seeking industry feedback to improve the usability and maturity of the tools.