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We’ve teamed up with Cole Engineering Services Inc. on the Army’s AVCATT program to provide award-winning solutions to this helicopter simulation system, including training software development, training lab network support as well as simulation tool design and development.

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OneSAF is a computer generated forces simulation that provides entity-level models and behaviors that are both semi-automated and fully automated applications designed to achieve Army readiness. Working with our prime contractor Riptide Software, Infinitas engineers provide software development, system test and integration support, simulation lab interoperability support as well as research and development effort.

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We support the development of the U.S. Army’s Construction Equipment Virtual
Trainer (CEVT) program. We’ve partnered with AVT Simulation and 5DT to provide simulation software for five construction vehicle variants to be used in training new military members at Fort Leonard Wood.

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Infinitas Engineering Inc. is proud to have been selected by UCF’s Business Incubation Program. These resources facilitated our swift expansion and presence in the M&S industry.