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Our Capabilities

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Computer Generated Forces

We create high-fidelity simulations to train war fighters for the ever-changing realities of the 21st century. We are the experts at building validated simulation objects using authoritative mathematical sources in Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) synthetic training environments such as OneSAF, VR Forces, VBS4, and various game engines.




Virtual Simulation Systems

Infinitas Engineers build virtual simulation contents in 2D and 3D, and interfaces to other simulation systems to support large scale simulation exercises. We utilize and develop advanced technologies to construct serious gaming and interactive virtual simulation systems. Our technologies provides interoperability support for large scale distributed synthetic training exercises.

Requirements Generation, Analysis, and Traceability

We support full life cycle development of program/product requirements along with stakeholders and mission partners.

  • Requirements analysis, trade studies, requirements derivation, design review support, integration planning, test, verification, risk management and engineering analysis.​

  • Drafting and maintaining system level requirements, to include interface and compliance requirements, from approved recommendations.

  • Drafting and maintaining function Level requirement allocations to the customer’s specifications.

DOD Research and Development

In our IRAD laboratory, Infinitas engineers apply advanced modeling algorithms to enhance the military platform/component modeling and the complex behavioral modeling processes. It is our passion to develop various modeling tools to improve positive training experiences for our soldiers by utilizing validated and authoritative sources in our algorithms.

Our primary focus is on simulation platform modeling, distributed simulation exercise interoperability for all LVC training systems. 

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How Infinitas
Can Help You

We provide specialized engineering solutions in all areas of software and system design as well as development of complex CGF systems.

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