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Cloud Scaling for LVC simulation and training

Our innovative IRAD team partnered with AWS to design an architecture with a set of workflows that seamlessly integrate existing legacy simulations with cloud infrastructure, eliminating common configuration bottlenecks. This breakthrough solution empowers simulations to effortlessly scale in the cloud and ensures optimal performance.

AWS-Process Figure2.1.png

Rapid Simulation Model Development

RSMD-CML Figure1.1.png

The RSMD toolkit is composed of a suite of modular components:

  • Supply authoritative models and data verified by the US Military

  • Optimize modeling code performance

  • Expedite model simulation development

  • Handle and abstract model databasing

  • Provide a framework for the development and testing of reusable models

In addition to these components, we include native APIs for various languages, modern engine plugins, code generation, generative API documentation right out the box.


Our team, under contract by Raytheon Technologies, successfully implemented the Data Distribution Service(DDS) protocol in legacy simulations. This breakthrough enabled us to achieve the following:

  • Implemented ultra-low latency communication for faster data transmission.

  • Ensured secure communication channels to protect sensitive information.

  • Reduced network overhead for optimized performance.

  • Enabled reliable communication over a wide area network (WAN).

  • Monitor and adjust bandwidth to ensure smooth communication flow.

DDS Figure 1.1.png

Live Sensors for Virtual Training

ISA Figure3.1.png

Our IRAD team was recently contracted by Night Vision Labs to develop a way for sensors on the Integrated Sensor Architecture (ISA) to communicate with simulations. We developed as ISA to DIS plugin that bridges the gap. This innovative tool enables developers to seamlessly publish, subscribe, and send commands to the ISA network via the DIS protocol. The plugin is specifically designed to enable real tactical sensors to interact and perform in the virtual world, which is a significant breakthrough in the field of Hardware-in-the-loop simulations. This cutting-edge capability offers immense value to the MS&T industry, providing a more accurate and realistic simulation environment for testing and training purposes.

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